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Q. What are the Travel products and services that 1stoptravelshop provide to enable me to find what I’m looking for?

1stoptravelshop as the name suggests is there to avail you of all travel related products and services, theses can be Travel Services such as flights, hotels, car rentals, coach rentals, car parks, coach hire, taxi’s etc. or Travel products such as ski equipment, camping gear, travel insurance, travel cards, hiking gear etc. or even Travel information such as Airports, trains, local buses, tourist centres, restaurants, takeaways, shopping centres, events, venues, attractions, travel agents etc. there is a variety of services and products to choose from and all can be found on 1stoptravelshop by choosing from the categories available off the site.

Q. What does 1stoptravelshop do and how does it work?

1stoptravelshop is a UK and Republic of Ireland based 24/7 online site that allows you to search and find travel services and products online and in areas or locations you wish to avail this information fromthe providers of these products /services with great ease, whether you are pre planning your travels or whilst you are on the go. It works by simply putting in the area or location in the search bar and selecting on the services or products you are searching for, this will then show you results of your search and information you require without having to make separate searches for deferent travel services or products. You can also check out the animation video on the website to see how this works.

Q. Can I avail myself of these searches on any device?

Yes most certainly you can, 1stoptravelshop is available on all devices that can access the internet i.e.: Computer, laptops, tablets and smart phones. This means that you can action your search whilst you are on the go.

Q. Can I purchase or book these services or products of the 1stoptravelshop website?

1stoptravelshop is there to find you these products or services in your desired areas or locations and is not there to sell them. Once you have actioned your search and find what you are looking for, you will need to purchase or book your findings through the advertisers/suppliers of the products or services.

Q. Is 1stoptravelshop a comparison site?

1stoptravelshop allows you to make your comparison through the search results you obtain, but does not show any prices as these only show from the advertiser/suppliers sites, all pricing and enquiries you will need to make directly with the supplier.

Q. Does 1stoptravelshop do any promotions or discounts?

You can use the promotional code "1stoptravelshop", where applicable to obtain any discounts or promotions from the suppliers of the products or services depending on the campaigns they will be running. We work with the suppliers for you to take advantage of these, but that will depend on the suppliers.

Q. Can I make multiple searches for deferent travel products or services?

Certainly you can. The whole objective of 1stoptravelshop is to make it easier for you to search and find your desired travel requirements and needs with great ease and without having to make multiple searches. All you need to do is select and choose the searches you want and in the areas or location you need to avail yourself of these and the site will do the rest for you and bring results that match your searches.

Q. Can I sign up to get news, promotions and discounts?

Yes you can sign up to become a member and it's very simple and easy, all you need is your name email or mobile number. Once you are signed up we are able to contact you and provide you with information on these. You can also send us feedback and tell us about your experiences regarding your travels or questions you may have, plus you can share your photos and travels with other users.

Q. Regarding photos and my information will this be safe?

Everything that you share with us especially your private information, this is kept confidential and is not shared with third parties except for purposes for the search you undertake only on the 1stoptravelshop website, photos are shown only on the site to share your experiences with other users. Everything is dealt with in accordance with our privacy policy, please have a read through it as it will provide you with more information on what we use or do with your information.

Q. How do you write reviews and rate the travel services or products on 1stoptravelshop?

You can do this through the reviews and ratings page from the suppliers, these can only be actioned only when you have purchased or used these products or services through 1stoptravelshop and all information that you give should be honest and fair, and this is so that other users can get the right information. This also helps us to give feedback to the suppliers of these products or services to enable them to gauge their businesses performance and to help improve their services to you.